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Morning Stretch Pt.2

Beware of wolves in the woods


Dark Wolves

Ravaging through the net, I found some pics of the darker side of wolfreign.

the BLACK cars.

Wolfreign makes it onto Import Tuner

The newest puppy in the pack.

Back when we he had it all.


Support Japan

We all support in our different ways.

I paid Azuki a visit yesterday to see how things were going. Ever since I broke my wrist I haven’t kept up with cars or people.
I dropped in at the perfect time.
Got to grab some of the new Pray for Japan stickers.

Grab some stickers!

I also got some new parts this week.
Will be sending the car off to Performance Options hopefully this weekend to get everything done
Couldn’t resist. I can’t just go back to stock.

Support Japanese companies

Azuki Pray For Japan

2011 Changes

So its official.
I am keeping the Red S14.
Thought about it, and it just doesn’t make sense to get rid of it. But since it is a new year, I think its time for some changes.

Going to redo the engine setup.
Going back to just a normal T28, stock injectors, and stock ECU.
Just going to focus on making the car run 100% on a stock setup with maybe 12-14 psi.

Also I am switching up my Front mount BLITZ intercooler for something simple, with shorter pipes, and less places for boost leaks.
(If anyone is interested in a BLITZ FMIC with Arc piping, and a HKS SSQV let me know.. it will be for sale)

Also I will be switching up wheels.
Its Sad, but its time for change. Probably won’t be an “upgrade”, but I hope it will end up looking decent.

Also I will be trying to enter a Pro-Am Series, with my buddy Rick from SlideYourRide. Most likely will be the local events at Thunderhill
I only have one hand/arm now, and haven’t drifted since the accident, So we will see how it goes



2010 started off with a BANG for Wolfreign
Big events.
Fun events.
Lots of hanging out, and we all had our cars.

2011 on the other hand started quite a bit different.
No events.
Lots of the cars were gone.
All ambitions of driving were out the window.

This goes for everyone, including myself.

I had decided that the time had come and I put the car up for sale.
Ended up parting out pieces of the engine and worst of all sold the XD-9s

Big time bummer….

The S14 is still up for sale, but this may change.
I’ve been reminiscing on old times, and miss the car.

Who knows what’s going to happen.
I hope I can do at least one more event with the S14 though..

If not, and the car is sold. I will be looking to buy a car next Fall when I move to Thailand.
We’ll see how the Thai Drift scene is

Oldies but Goodies

speed hunt 1
Speed 2