Monthly Archives: September 2011

Erika enjoys D-mode

This is Erikas car. Shes a part of Wolfreign and rages pretty hard as a wolfette. I dropped her off at her house after a party a couple weeks ago and she was raging so hard. She stared straight into my eyes for like 3 minutes until I told her to GO INTO YOUR DAMN HOUSE. She did not remember any of it.


Update: Darius

me: was the chick talkin dirty n shit?
darius: just saying like OOOO BOI YOOOOOU SO BEEEGG

rofl. Darius in Thailand – best update ever.


a sweet ride picture provided by

mr koguchi



Always good.


Still good.

Mouse *

Rick C. needs more corolla team members.

I also hate people who have bumpers that flex while they’re driving. It looks like shit.