2010 started off with a BANG for Wolfreign
Big events.
Fun events.
Lots of hanging out, and we all had our cars.

2011 on the other hand started quite a bit different.
No events.
Lots of the cars were gone.
All ambitions of driving were out the window.

This goes for everyone, including myself.

I had decided that the time had come and I put the car up for sale.
Ended up parting out pieces of the engine and worst of all sold the XD-9s

Big time bummer….

The S14 is still up for sale, but this may change.
I’ve been reminiscing on old times, and miss the car.

Who knows what’s going to happen.
I hope I can do at least one more event with the S14 though..

If not, and the car is sold. I will be looking to buy a car next Fall when I move to Thailand.
We’ll see how the Thai Drift scene is

Oldies but Goodies

speed hunt 1
Speed 2


3 thoughts on “Reminisce

  1. mayday mikey says:

    Man. This is sad to hear. Its sad to see hardcore street drift teams like wolf reign fall. Best of you luck to you and the rest of the wolf pack

    • dariustii says:

      Thanks man…
      yea it sucks but we shall be back sometime hopefully..
      if not, I will keep the spirit of them all in my car..LOL

  2. myles says:

    not dead, just need job and money lol

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