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cool vid of darius.


Eye sore…

Im bored so here is a random post/update.

So this is what im driving now…bought it from my brother, even tho it has most of my old parts that i gave him from my last car. It sure isn’t pleasing to the eyes….but it does drive well. The S14 subframe proved to be a major improvement over the stock s13 one at the TDC x HellaFlush 3.5 event. The plans are to make it look better and to get more power all at the same time…such a headache, but I know it’ll be worth it. I hope to finish everything before All Star Bash 2010 (July 3-4). Stay tuned unless i run out of money…haha

Goodbye S14…

So my S14 was finally hauled off to be crushed the other day. I’m glad i don’t have to look at it anymore, but It did make me think about how much time i put into that car and how much it sucked crashing it. Well you live and learn and for me it seems to be never ending. Here are some pictures for fun. Lets hope my s13 will be fulfilling.

Before and After.

New things to come for 2010…!


Morning Stretch.


Went out on a wolf trot in the forest on a nice sunny day with Darius(S14) and Caleb. Photo taken and developed by Xander.


Hella Flush 3.5 and TDC Video Preview from iPhilms

Check out this HD video of the Team Drift Championship shot by IPhilms. Can’t wait to see the full version.

Hella Flush 3.5 and TDC Video


Check out the guys at

The guys at MAYDAY Garage (John and Mikey) were kind enough to give us a shout out! Thanks guys!

Wolfreign coverage..more

Thanks to Speedhunters for doing a little cover on us as well.

And the pack decided to do a little show stoppin at wekfest.