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Thank you Lucky’s Speed Shop!

For the past two days I have been doing some work at a good friends shop. His name is Luke and he does awesome work. Great fabricator with a even greater personality. If you need any custom work done to your car hit up Lucky’s Speed Shop in Fremont, CA
He will take care of you with great attention to detail. It won’t be slapped together like some other shops out there. Come by and take a look at the amazing projects he has going on, which includes a Shelby cobra and a 1950s cement mixer that’s being converted to a pickup truck.

He’s been fabbing up my exhaust while I work on other things to get the car running. I can’t wait to hear this thing start up!





Road to Top Drift Round 1

Decided a month before Top Drift Round 1 that I was going to have a lot more fun with more power. I had two choices, grab that power from my stock SR or go the economical route. I chose the later after pricing out both options. it was a no brainer

I had less than a month to get it done and so far it looks like I’ll be working on getting the car running up until we load up for Willow Springs Raceway next Friday. I wouldn’t even been able to get this far without the help from a few people mainly Rich from Daft Innovations, Luke from Lucky’s speed shop and my best friend Danny.

Wish me and the crew luck next weekend!






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Evo at Thunderhill

This is what I’ve been up to in the past year. Road racing is pretty gnarly especially when you’re trying to better your time after every single lap. But I have to admit that drifting is so much more exciting! If my budget permits, I will definitely be doing both drifting and road racing this year.

Good times!

I’ve been out of the drifting scene for some time now. But Darius and I will be doing TopDrift 2012 season this year. Wish us luck and expect more updates from us!

Newish car.

As you all probably know, I purchased Jay’s car a little while ago. He gave me a great opportunity and I had to take it. Here are some pictures of me testing out the car. Enjoy.

Sunday drive.






Darius and I went for a drive today with our long time friend Andrew and my little brother sitting passenger. We drove to get some burgers at the world famous Alice’s restaurant. It brought back good memories when we all used to go driving almost everyday after high school. Good times were had for sure! We were dumb and full of……lol. Anyway, here are some quick pictures. I need to start bringing my go pro.

New Toy. No pun intended…. -Jeff’s update and return from the grave.




I picked this up from a friend of a friend. I always wanted a corolla so why not….lol. After smashing around town in this thing, I gotta give mad props to people who drive these….they are mad slow!!!! Well anyways look forward to seeing updates to my s13 and Darius’ s14 real soon. No lone wolf no more…..

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A little update.

So I’ve been buying parts here and there with no rush to work on my car…I’m taking my time.

Got a custom manifold made from Alex over at Neukin ( for my s13. I originally ordered it as a bottom mount T3 manifold with a 4-bolt turbine inlet flange, so i can run my gt3071r turbo as a bottom mount opposed to all the other top mount manifolds. But instead i had him weld on a TIAL V-band flange for the turbo inlet, so no more turbo bolts coming loose,  no more gaskets to blow, and the tial housing flows so much better then a regular t3 flanged housing. All i have to worry about is checking the tial vband clamp periodically. Also the reason why i went bottom mount is because i feel its the most reliable (no worries about catching the brake reservoir on fire) and also keeps that heavy ass turbo down low which helps the center of gravity…lol

Here is the manifold originally with the 4bolt t3 inlet flange.

And here is my Tial V-band  manifold he made for me (still needs to get the external wastegate flange welded on). Right now its one off so if any of you are interested go ahead and email ALEX  at Make sure you tell him Jeff Wolfson sent ya.

So i can run this!…aint it sexy?

Also my sexy style kit finally came in….

and i finally got my FD running good. It needed a new ABS pump, air separator tank, and a few hoses that needed connecting. Put on wheels i had laying around so i can drive it to get smogged.