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Bob’s Donuts

Bob's Donuts

After a little surf, the original 4 went by Bob’s Dounts this weekend to visit long time friend Geoff Pitts.
Latest sweaters.
Store to open soon. Contact for official Wolfreign gear.

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Road to Top Drift Round 1

Decided a month before Top Drift Round 1 that I was going to have a lot more fun with more power. I had two choices, grab that power from my stock SR or go the economical route. I chose the later after pricing out both options. it was a no brainer

I had less than a month to get it done and so far it looks like I’ll be working on getting the car running up until we load up for Willow Springs Raceway next Friday. I wouldn’t even been able to get this far without the help from a few people mainly Rich from Daft Innovations, Luke from Lucky’s speed shop and my best friend Danny.

Wish me and the crew luck next weekend!






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San Jose Chapter HQ

Just a peak into the Wolfreign San Jose Chapter.



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New Toy. No pun intended…. -Jeff’s update and return from the grave.




I picked this up from a friend of a friend. I always wanted a corolla so why not….lol. After smashing around town in this thing, I gotta give mad props to people who drive these….they are mad slow!!!! Well anyways look forward to seeing updates to my s13 and Darius’ s14 real soon. No lone wolf no more…..

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