Monthly Archives: May 2011

Getting ready

I have been trying my best to get the car ready for an event at Infineon on Wednesday.

Thursday went and got Rick’s trailer, to take my car to Performance Options to get worked on.
They have been a long time support for Wolfreign, and just recently set up a sponsorship with me.

Ricks car was also there getting his cage put in. Both Rick and I will be driving for Performance Options so look out for both of us at more local events
P options 1
P options 2

Parts have been coming in waves.
On sunday I got my last pair of tires to get ready for when the new wheels come.
My new intercooler kit came in.
Decided to go with the Part Shop Max High Mount kit.
Got a good deal, and wanted to see how this compares. Everything looks to be really nice.

Also got a little surprise in the mail today
My old PowerFC is back
Power FC
I sold it, only to get it back a month later.
Got lucky..

I hope I can get everything done in time.
Not exactly sure how everything will work out, but if I cannot make it to the Wednesday, I will be there next week with an entirely new setup.
I am excited to see how both the car and I will perform