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S13 sold

I figure I’d let everyone know.

My S13 was sold:

I sure do miss it… but I replaced it with this:


Wolfreign makes the news

Rummaging though the woods I found some more coverage from the event

Small clip of the S14

San Jose State University Newspaper team came out and did an article about the event and interviewed a couple of the Wolves.

Put together a cool little video.


See the full article at

Looks like the front still has room to go lower..

special thanks to Jordan Liffy and Henry Wong for doing a small piece on us
Also to Kenny Chow for the sweet pics.

Fatlace Klas:sik

Attended the Fatlace event this Saturday in Vallejo, Ca.

Did everything super last minute and ended up just driving up with one pair of extra tires to drive home on.
Nice to have an event so close to home.

Decided it was time to go a bit lower with the car.
Car handles great

Had a great time hanging out with everyone and driving again.

Stay tuned for more pics and videos coming soon.

Performance options

Getting ready for tomorrow

Have to always keep your options open


Trying to get the car ready for the upcoming event, next weekend.

Loose turbo bolts and boost leaks never stop with this car.

Mel came by with his pretty coupe

Hope I can get the car ready in time

Wolves night out

Late night drive

Pulled out the S14 and met up with Mr. Wolfson with his new corolla, and Rick from SlideYourRide to reminisce on old times.

Lone wolf no more


New Toy. No pun intended…. -Jeff’s update and return from the grave.




I picked this up from a friend of a friend. I always wanted a corolla so why not….lol. After smashing around town in this thing, I gotta give mad props to people who drive these….they are mad slow!!!! Well anyways look forward to seeing updates to my s13 and Darius’ s14 real soon. No lone wolf no more…..

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