2011 Changes

So its official.
I am keeping the Red S14.
Thought about it, and it just doesn’t make sense to get rid of it. But since it is a new year, I think its time for some changes.

Going to redo the engine setup.
Going back to just a normal T28, stock injectors, and stock ECU.
Just going to focus on making the car run 100% on a stock setup with maybe 12-14 psi.

Also I am switching up my Front mount BLITZ intercooler for something simple, with shorter pipes, and less places for boost leaks.
(If anyone is interested in a BLITZ FMIC with Arc piping, and a HKS SSQV let me know.. it will be for sale)

Also I will be switching up wheels.
Its Sad, but its time for change. Probably won’t be an “upgrade”, but I hope it will end up looking decent.

Also I will be trying to enter a Pro-Am Series, with my buddy Rick from SlideYourRide. Most likely will be the local events at Thunderhill
I only have one hand/arm now, and haven’t drifted since the accident, So we will see how it goes



2 thoughts on “2011 Changes

  1. VYKTR says:

    Good to hear that you are keeping the s14 darius. Dude, I always thought to myself why you didn’t compete in pro am. I think you are good enough to give them a run for their money:-D Good luck. Oh and i updated the post on Jeff’s car over on my blog LOL.

  2. dariustii says:

    haha. no big deal, just was looking around and saw that pic, had to let you know.
    haha thanks man, I hope I can compete at least one event this year

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