Goodbye S14…

So my S14 was finally hauled off to be crushed the other day. I’m glad i don’t have to look at it anymore, but It did make me think about how much time i put into that car and how much it sucked crashing it. Well you live and learn and for me it seems to be never ending. Here are some pictures for fun. Lets hope my s13 will be fulfilling.

Before and After.

New things to come for 2010…!



5 thoughts on “Goodbye S14…

  1. wolfreign says:

    sexystyle + more power + vskf + red = ❤

  2. MaydayJohnP says:

    Damn man, sorry to hear that

  3. Ruiz says:

    This car looked so stunning, I remember it now.
    I forget, where was the damage exactly?
    I totally would have bought that shell and put it back together/make it front lawn ornament.

  4. wolfreign says:

    damage was driver saide rear, whole rear windshield shattered into awesome when it hit lol

  5. MayDayMikey says:

    damn…..that car was super clean too

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